Still Life with Hairball” SmokeLong Quarterly July 2017

La Tomatina” Tomato Slices June 2016

The Boats” The Tishman Review January 2016

Wishes, Loosed” Strangelet January 2016

Becky Was an Open Book: A Story Told in Long Titles and Very Short Books” Blue Monday Review September 2015

“R-Rated Memories” Scigentasy July 2015

“scifaiku 4” and “scifaiku 5” Scifaikuest May 2015

After Eyelids Drop” The Literary Hatchet #11 April 2015

On a Dark and Silent Planet” Lakeside Circus April 2015

“The Occupation of Millers Creek” Liminality March 2015

“scifaiku 3”  in Star*Line 38.1 Winter 2015

“scifaiku 1” and “scifaiku 2” Scifaikuest February 2015

“Demeter Dives” Pantheon Magazine Vol. 7 January, 2015

“Fib 1” Halloween Haiku II October 2014

Wind Patterns in South America” Voluted Tales September, 2014

How Structure Can Loosen You Up”  DIY MFA November, 2013


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