La Tomatina” Tomato Slices June 2016

The Boats” The Tishman Review January 2016

Wishes, Loosed” Strangelet January 2016

Becky Was an Open Book: A Story Told in Long Titles and Very Short Books” Blue Monday Review September 2015

“R-Rated Memories” Scigentasy July 2015

“scifaiku 4” and “scifaiku 5” Scifaikuest May 2015

After Eyelids Drop” The Literary Hatchet #11 April 2015

On a Dark and Silent Planet” Lakeside Circus April 2015

“The Occupation of Millers Creek” Liminality March 2015

“scifaiku 3”  in Star*Line 38.1 Winter 2015

“scifaiku 1” and “scifaiku 2” Scifaikuest February 2015

“Demeter Dives” Pantheon Magazine Vol. 7 January, 2015

“Fib 1” Halloween Haiku II October 2014

Wind Patterns in South America” Voluted Tales September, 2014

How Structure Can Loosen You Up”  DIY MFA November, 2013

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